Here’s at least one way to avoid the Bridezilla Syndrome ! (Graded Post)

 1. Don’t create too much freedom and options for consumers, better yet for Brides and Grooms! Mobile websites encouraging shopping engagement for engagement rings by mobile phones is a bad idea I will never encourage. This is a set up for making a maid of honor, and a best man’s life a living nightmare! 

Tiffany’s mobile experience was alright. However, I do think it’s unnecessary for Tiffany’s to have a mobile site. At the end of me exploring Tiffany’s mobile website the first thing I thought of was would I ever purchase anything on here? or use this website? And my answer was no; simply because consumers who are looking for engagement rings and expensive jewelry wouldn’t want to make purchases over their phones. A consumer who is looking for jewelry like Tiffany’s and Zale’s want to sit down and choose the perfect ring, and see the variety rings on a big screen . I don’t blame them choosing your perfect ring for your wife or husband is big! Most of their consumers probably make purchases from their computers because it gives them more comfort that their making a smart purchase. Also when purchasing items like an engagement ring, or expensive gifts for your loved ones you want to make sure the purchase went through, and that everything is set and stone. In Tiffany’s and Zale’s industry you have to make sure consumers are having an experience that makes them feel secure. Consumers purchasing their items over mobile phones I’m sure doesn’t feel so secure, and creates a lot of second guessing; Something you want to prevent any bride, groom , or anybody in Tiffany’s target audience from doing .

However, they did have a fast upload and their mobile website wasn’t complex. They only have a few feature options as you can see below. Also when you click on the Find your engagement ring option it’s a bit confusing like I thought it would be. For example, the consult a Tiffany diamond expert didn’t work; which can be very important to brides and grooms buying the ring. This brings me back to the sensitivity of purchasing a ring from Tiffany’s. Something as simple as a click or feature that doesn’t work can make consumers second guess and purchase another brand. As in my last post “Tiffany’s and Blackberry’s for the Holidays”  I discussed how Tiffany’s is now aiming for blackberry and iphone users because research shows a lot of their target market using them . However,  If you’re trying to just view rings and get to know the brand and rings while you’re trying to decide what ring to purchase I believe that’s the job of mobile Applications not websites. Which Tiffany’s have one for free you can download for your mobile phones. For Tiffany’s, a mobile site is simple unnecessary. If you would like to explore Tiffany’s mobile website Click Here.

Tiffany’s mobile site views .

Now Zale’s doesn’t have a mobile website, and I don’t think they need one either; especially since they have so many details and specifics that need to be viewed on a computer. For example, their design your own ring feature is something that needs to be done and consumers will feel more comfortable doing over their computer. Engagement rings are very sensitive, special items. I know you guys have watched Bridezillas! There’s no need to have brides and grooms catch the Bridezilla Syndrome because their mad about ordering the wrong ring or anything in general that would create attitudes that make consumers second guess or think twice about purchasing your items. We all know consumers are never satisfied, and have high expectations before and after purchases. Sometimes giving consumers too many options can create higher expectations and make them want to look at different brands.  Zale’s normal website has so much going on as you can see in the picture below. I don’t believe they would be able to fit all the features consumers need to see on their mobile website. To me, their normal website is exactly what their consumer needs. When you purchase special items like expensive jewelry you need details and specifics. Mobile websites for brands in this industry is a set up for failure, and creating an option that can really change the views and determine if a consumer will purchase your brand. What do you guys think ? Take the poll and leave your comments below !

Zales original website .

“Adding options to people lives can’t help but increase the expectations people have about how good those options will be , and what that’s going to produce is less satisfaction with results, even if they are good results” – Barry Schwartz


Tiffany’s & Blackberry’s for the Holidays ! (Graded Post)

According to Mobile Marketer, Tiffany & Co. key demographic is high-net-worth female’s ages 28-54, with a strong interest in fashion, shopping and luxury products. These luxury products shockingly doesn’t only include the latest Tiffany’s products, but also Blackberry’s and iPhone’s. Jon Carney of Marvellous states , “We identified the iPhone in particular as not only a great way to deliver brand innovation and get that story out, but provide content and functionality that is relevant to that audience, letting them experience the Tiffany shopping experience via their smartphone,” . This shows you Tiffany’s is all about luxury, and acquisition.  It’s all about wanting the best, and getting your significant others to buy you the best. Those are the type of consumers Tiffany’s target.


Tiffany’s site optimized for Blackberry

Tiffany’s aims for new consumers all around the world, but Tiffany’s heart and home is in the city I love,  New York City. In 1837, (yeah I said 1837! )Tiffany’s was a goods store that began to attract many high-profile consumers. New York City was the birthplace, and was always apart of the legacy Tiffany’s held on to. Besides NYC being Tiffany’s heart and home,  it was also well known for its beautiful window displays on 5th ave ( a popular high-end shopping strip in NYC), and catching the eyes of consumers; especially on special holidays. Check out the videos and the link (“The Magical Windows of Tiffany’s”) below to see some more about Tiffany’s history, and view some of their awesome displays!

“The Magical Windows of Tiffany’s”


Ice Skating Rink Proposal

A type of image I would use for a Tiffany’s Ad !

Above is the type of image I would use for a Tiffany & Co. Facebook Ad . The reason I would use this Ad is because it reaches a lot of the precise interests of Tiffany & Co. target audience. Also because it seems like it’s in a New York Area which is the location where most of Tiffany’s loyal consumers are based. Besides the location this image is also appropriate for this time of year and setting. Its winter time and these are the types of moments and settings people can relate to. In Bryant Park the love of your life getting on his knees in the middle of an ice skating rink proposing to you; whats more beautiful than that? Sounds like a romance novel I know, but that’s what Tiffany’s is all about. Creating memories and stories you’ll never forget.

How will I make this Ad come to life ? 

In my exact copy the  Tiffany’s engagement ring will have to be shown more, and I would prefer if that background was little bit more city like. When I say “city like” I mean more lights, more buildings, cars and people. Also I would cut out the bottom of the picture to make it a little bit more believable since it seems she doesn’t have on ice skating shoes. I would also like the picture to be  more zoomed out so that you can see their in a ice skating rink . This way people can connect a little bit more to the Ad, and visualize the experience . I would want consumers to embrace, and feel like their experiencing this moment through this Ad. Also I would like the exact copy to have people around them taking pictures with iPhone’s and Blackberry’s; that will be the icing on the cake. That will also kill two birds in one stone by not only advertising the mobile app, but also the engagement ring.

According to the Facebook Ad Tool, I have about 42,000 people I can attract with my Ad . My ad targets people:

  • Who live in New York (+50 mi), New York, United States
  • exactly between the ages of 20 and 54 inclusive
  • Who like #Marriage, #Wife, #Spouse, #Husband, #Dating, #Wedding, #Wedding ring, #Ice skating, #Flirting, #Marriage vows, #Pre-engagement ring, #Engagement ring, #Purity ring, #Ring (jewelry), #Romance (love), #Engagement, #Love, #Happiness, #Dream, #True Love Waits or #Committed relationship
  • Who are in a relationship, married, engaged or have not specified a relationship status
  • Who are in one of the broad categories Fashion, Luxury Goods, Outdoor Fitness Activities, New Serious Relationship, RIM/Blackberry, Mobile Users (All) or Feature Phone Users

How much will all of this cost?

According to Facebook’s Ad Tool, my suggested cost per click (CPC) is 57 cents, and for cost per impression (CPM) is about $1.44 per 1,000 impressions. That’s a lot of money for advertising if you have a tight budget. It depends if you’re trying to create customer retention, or if you’re trying to create customer  lifetime value and awareness. Depending on your goal and budget it might be worth the risk. What do you guys think about my Tiffany Ad ideas . Leave your comments and take the poll below !


[New Videos] See How Tiffany’s & Zales Shine Bright! (Graded Post)

For my consumer brand paper I choose Tiffany & Company! I’m not a loyal Tiffany’s consumer, but then again you don’t need loyalty to end up with Tiffany’s jewelry on your arm. I wanted to find out more about this brand, and why so many females consider Tiffany’s as a “Must Have” brand name. I also wanted to find out why males consider Tiffany’s a  “Must Get” present for their special someone. So I did some looking around, and found out why Tiffany’s shines bright!

3 Major things I didn’t know about Tiffany’s:

1. They designed jewelry pieces for  the movie, “The Great Gatsby”, that came out this fall. So get to know more about Tiffany’s Great Gatsby Collection below!

2. Tiffany’s is all about the red carpet! See how Tiffany’s screams Market ME on the red carpet below!

3. They have a partner site and app called  Find out how Tiffany’s get men on their one knees’ below!

The Great Gatsby Collection

Great Gatsby Jewelry By Tiffany & Co.

Leonardo DiCaprio & Carey Mulligan (Daisy Buchanan) with Tiffany’s Savoy headpiece in The Great Gatsby ! Love Love Love !

Wow, who would have known that Tiffany’s was the one of the reasons Daisy Buchanan came to life? The Great Gatsby is a well-known romance novel that was remade into a movie this year. The Great Gatsby takes place in the “Roaring Twenties” which means a lot of vintage high fashion , flappers , parties , and alcohol.  Daisy Buchanan was one of the main characters in the story who does a great job of promoting everything Tiffany’s is about; Such characteristics include poise, wealth , love , class , and beauty. Like Daisy, in The Great Gatsby, Tiffany’s is something every man won’t mind paying a million dollars for. You have to be the best of the best to want this new Tiffany’s Great Gatsby Savoy headpiece that goes for around $200,000. You can definitely prove your worth with a piece of Tiffany’s jewelry on your body, and they do a great job of promoting their brand equity through this piece. They also do a great job of promoting the fact if you have Tiffany’s on you’re a “One and Only”,  and a”Dream girl”. Daisy was a the perfect character for their brand image. Daisy lived every american girls dream. Tiffany’s creates great communities within their company. Like in the Great Gatsby, Tiffany’s also does a great job of promoting their brand setting around New York City. Tiffany’s is for the girl who walks the city streets with class, for the girl who parties and hangs with top ballers and the best of the best. Want to know more what the The Great Gatsby & Tiffany’s collection collaboration check out the “The Great Gatsby Trailer” & “Blue Book Ball” video below!

Tiffany screams Market ME on the red carpet!

Tiffany also creates a community around the fashion  and entertainment industry with its red carpet appearances, and special Tiffany’s events. Tiffany’s have a wide amount of athletes, actors, and celebrities that wear their jewelry. For example, if you check out the “Blue Ball Book” video below you see Jessica Biels, and other celebrities strutting their stuff with Tiffany’s on. Once again Tiffany’s shows you have to be high-class, special, and known if you have Tiffany’s on your body. Tiffany’s creates great brand awareness when they have all these celebrities walk the red carpet with their jewelry on. They also do a great job of not only involving celebrities in their brand, but also consumers looking for every day jewelry and wedding rings for their loved ones. Even though it’s not their main focus, they make sure they have jewelry for less than $250 also available. They say its riskier to sell more expensive products, but for Tiffany’s selling cheaper products is riskier because they have high scale customers that don’t want their products available to everyone and anyone. However, Tiffany’s keeps everything in check on and off the red carpet, and make sure even you can get a taste of Tiffany’s! Check out the videos below:

A tour video of Tiffany’s Blue Book Ball Event . They basically posted this video on their YouTube channel for bloggers and journalist to use this video and write pieces on the event (Close Stage).

Tiffany’s does a lot of video advertisements showing  “The Great Gatsby” trailers throughout their youtube channel , which features their Savoy headpiece .

The Tiffany’s Community

Last but not least, may I just say that the Tiffany’s community in general is just phenomenal! They not only have a great creation story to share with their consumers, but they allow consumers to create their own stories and live their dreams through Tiffany’s. They even have a site and app called where you can posts your love stories, romantic places, and love advice. Not only do they satisfy their customers utilitarian needs but also their hedonistic needs at the same time. They do the perfect job of emotionally connecting with their consumers. They give their consumers a place to show why their Tiffany girls, and why their the “One and Only’s” and “Dream Girls”. They also have guys show why their in love with their dream girls, and why they feel like their girls are worth a Tiffany’s ring. Tiffany’s gives you that best friend you never had.  Check out how Tiffany creates “A place for people in love ” below!

An informative advertisement video for that shows the features and specifications of the site and app .

A story telling video of Tiffany’s journey , which aims for those “Dream Girls” , while Tiffany’s show they are the “Dream Makers”. This was my favorite video of all of the videos because I enjoyed getting to know about “Mr.Tiffany” , his creation story, and his vision for the company . Also because like many of Tiffany’s videos , their short , simple, grabs my attention and makes me want to find out more .

I also researched Tiffany & Co. competitor brand Zales. I wanted to know what are some different  and unique things Zales had to offer.

3 Things Different About Zales:

1. Colors, Colors, Colors! See their colorful selection below!

2. Their diamonds are cut in perfection. See why Zales diamonds shine bright!

3 . They sell different brands! not just their own. See the brands Zales sells below!

Colors, Colors, Colors!

Unlike Tiffany’s, Zales aren’t all about the clear and blue diamonds. They also don’t focus as much on brand personality and image like Tiffany’s, but what they do a great job of is making sure they have a variety of styles, rings, and colors. Like i discussed in the Business Models post, Zales creates great partnerships and instead of trying to build an individual brand image they are more focus on what exactly a consumer wants and needs. One thing, they been doing a good job of promoting is color and I must say even though I love Tiffany’s personality and they reach my hedonistic needs, Zales does a better job of reaching my utilitarian needs. Come on! Every girl likes rings with her birth stones, or favorite colors. I know for me color is a requirement. Every relationship, and every girl is different. What Zales allows you to do is customize and find a ring that would be perfect for the kind of girl you are, or the kind of girl you have. They don’t focus on the perfect girl, but the perfect ring. See how Zales Shines Bright with their colorful collection below:

An commercial video that is promoting Zales new color collection .

After exploring Zales colors collection it definitely made me think twice. My perfect ring requires a little color.

Zales Diamonds are cut to perfection! 

Zales also has videos that promote the fact that their reliable, and that they have professional diamond cutters. You don’t have to worry about your 14k ring being 13k with Zales. If you  watch the video below you can see that Zales are trying to reach an audience of people who are focused on the size of the diamond, and getting  a quality ring for a good price. Zales promotes the “Extraordinary diamond”, while Tiffany’s promotes the kind of woman that they believe should have a diamond on their hand.

They Sell Different Brands!

Zales also partner ups with different sites. For example, their Vera Wang LOVE collection. They give people the opportunity to enjoy their brands and other brands they would wear other than Zales. Zales is not for the city girl but for  the country girl, or the simple girl who needs some extravagance in her life. Zales is for the girl who would be happy with any plain big ring on her hand. You can find a simple ring at Zales. With Zales you have simple, customization, affordable, and available. You cant beat that deal, Check out more about Zales & its Vera Wang LOVE collection below:

An informative video on Zales “Extraordinary Diamond”. This was my least favorite video because it was so long and could not keep my attention . Also because I don’t really care about how my diamond is cut, and the whole “the perfect cut gives it a perfect shine” pitch just didn’t work for me .

An advertisement video showing and promoting Zales Vera Wang LOVE collection .

Which brand do you think is more for you? Zales or Tiffany’s Leave your comments below!

Miley this , Miley that .... See why shes one of 2013 top artists , regardless of all the negative  back-lashing ! Read Below .

Social Media Is The Wrecking Ball !

So everybody is talking about Miley Cyrus new “Wrecking Ball” video . A lot of media sites been giving her backlash on the new provocative image shes been promoting . Now . . . what I was focused on wasn’t Miley swinging around naked on the wrecking ball, but simply how did I end up clicking on this new video that now has the Vevo’s new 24-hr Record with 19.3 Million hits in less than 24-hrs . I blamed it on Vevo ! I came to the conclusion Vevo’s banner promotion was the cause of corruption to my poor eyes . Lets be serious ! After the VMA’s , not many people willingly want to view anymore of Miley’s antics . However Miley’s been doing a great job of taking advantage of the fact media has been promoting her name every minute . Miley is screaming “Market Me” ! Good Publicity or Bad . . . Miley done twerked her way to Vevo’s new 24 – hr record hits list . With media outlets , and YouTube publicizing her name everywhere from a click of a button you cant help but support Miley’s new image .  I know you probably checked it out too ! Let me know , take the Poll and leave comments below :


Target Ticket to compete against Apple TV and Netflix!

Target Launching Digital Movie, TV Service on Oct. 1 (Exclusive)

Originally posted on Variety:

Retail giant Target will finally plant a flag in digital video, aiming to debut the Target Ticket service Oct. 1 — or possibly sooner — with a collection of about 30,000 TV and movie titles for purchase or rental.

Target is late to the fast-growing digital-video market. But the company is banking on providing simplicity, parental controls and access to early electronic sell-through content to lure customers to Target Ticket.

Rivals like Walmart and Best Buy already offer digital-video services, while Internet companies Apple and have well-established footholds in the space. But about half of Target’s customer base has never downloaded or streamed video entertainment, presenting an opportunity for the retailer to gain share, according to Anne Stanchfield, Target’s divisional merchandise manager of entertainment.

“The industry is not brand-new at this stage, but there is a significant portion of our guests who haven’t adopted digital entertainment yet,” she said…

View original 584 more words


If I were starting a business the two business models that will be the most appealing to me is the Affiliate and Brokerage Models. I believe in a business it is very important to bring buyer and sellers together this way consumers have everything they need in one spot, one shot. This helps consumers feel secure and comfortable. Also were in a day and age where everyone wants everything they do to be easy. With a flip of a switch, touch of a button, and a click on a mouse our generation just likes things simple, and quick. There’s no easier way to provide consumers with what they want than through the Brokerage Model. All other models are a hassle getting consumers to like, better yet to stay loyal alone to your one brand. So why not partner or help everyone else sell their brands? Everyone wants to be an “Apple”, Why put yourself through the stress. Just like the Brokerage Model you can make your life easy. Instead of trying to compete with apple and all those other competitors that have a lot of money you can just sell apples products, and have consumers buy them from you. On top of that you can sell other services and complementary goods to go with that. The Brokerage Model also helps you get a lifetime customer versus one-time visitors and customers. Besides the variety of choices your consumers will have, they will always want to come back for more simply because they don’t want to search for the products and services separately. You can use Travelocity as an example, I know when I want a booked vacation, and all I have to do is go to their site. No need to call a travel agency, or a search separately for hotels, attractions, and flights.  Your job as business owner is to provide a customer with not only what they want, but what they need. And usually in other terms customers just need you to make their lives easier.

I’m not saying that you can’t just have one direct brand and service. You just have to be very creative with those brands and services and watch more clearly for competitors and threats. Especially in an industry like sports, because there’s only major players like ESPN and HBO Sports that you can advertise sporting events and things that’s are involved within the sports industry. There are many small businesses and online brands that can’t afford and compete with those major players and competitors that have millions of dollars for 30 second Super bowl ads and commercials slots and have huge advertisement budgets. According to the, Super bowl ads are reported to cost up to 4 million dollars for a 30 sec slot. With so many strong competitors and threats you can either work with them and partner with them, and provide them with a service or online brand that makes their jobs easier the way the Brokerage Model does. Or you can take all the buyers and sellers they don’t want and work with whatever’s left. That’s why I believe the Brokerage Model is important because it’s a smarter, quicker, and easier way to make profit; also less worries about brand loyalty, the competition, and threats. I think the Affiliate Model is also just as important. I think the Affiliate and Brokerage Model goes together. If you aren’t able to provide consumers with the brands and complementary items they need, the least you can do is make an easy way for them to get and find what they need. When you affiliated with other sites it creates another give and take relationship. Also consumers like to know when you’re supported. Consumers like to know there’s other ways to go when they reach a dead end.   Like I stated earlier, for those brands and businesses that are having trouble competing with the major brands and competitors. Some businesses are better together than apart. Creating Partnerships and Networking to me is key in a business; doing it alone isn’t impossible but just hard and stressful. Check the video Below  &  See how Football Fanatics use the Affiliate Model :

you can also check their blog ====>

Also Check out the new TJ Maxx & Marshalls New Commercial ! Affiliate Model? A Definite Yes :