If I were starting a business the two business models that will be the most appealing to me is the Affiliate and Brokerage Models. I believe in a business it is very important to bring buyer and sellers together this way consumers have everything they need in one spot, one shot. This helps consumers feel secure and comfortable. Also were in a day and age where everyone wants everything they do to be easy. With a flip of a switch, touch of a button, and a click on a mouse our generation just likes things simple, and quick. There’s no easier way to provide consumers with what they want than through the Brokerage Model. All other models are a hassle getting consumers to like, better yet to stay loyal alone to your one brand. So why not partner or help everyone else sell their brands? Everyone wants to be an “Apple”, Why put yourself through the stress. Just like the Brokerage Model you can make your life easy. Instead of trying to compete with apple and all those other competitors that have a lot of money you can just sell apples products, and have consumers buy them from you. On top of that you can sell other services and complementary goods to go with that. The Brokerage Model also helps you get a lifetime customer versus one-time visitors and customers. Besides the variety of choices your consumers will have, they will always want to come back for more simply because they don’t want to search for the products and services separately. You can use Travelocity as an example, I know when I want a booked vacation, and all I have to do is go to their site. No need to call a travel agency, or a search separately for hotels, attractions, and flights.  Your job as business owner is to provide a customer with not only what they want, but what they need. And usually in other terms customers just need you to make their lives easier.

I’m not saying that you can’t just have one direct brand and service. You just have to be very creative with those brands and services and watch more clearly for competitors and threats. Especially in an industry like sports, because there’s only major players like ESPN and HBO Sports that you can advertise sporting events and things that’s are involved within the sports industry. There are many small businesses and online brands that can’t afford and compete with those major players and competitors that have millions of dollars for 30 second Super bowl ads and commercials slots and have huge advertisement budgets. According to the, Super bowl ads are reported to cost up to 4 million dollars for a 30 sec slot. With so many strong competitors and threats you can either work with them and partner with them, and provide them with a service or online brand that makes their jobs easier the way the Brokerage Model does. Or you can take all the buyers and sellers they don’t want and work with whatever’s left. That’s why I believe the Brokerage Model is important because it’s a smarter, quicker, and easier way to make profit; also less worries about brand loyalty, the competition, and threats. I think the Affiliate Model is also just as important. I think the Affiliate and Brokerage Model goes together. If you aren’t able to provide consumers with the brands and complementary items they need, the least you can do is make an easy way for them to get and find what they need. When you affiliated with other sites it creates another give and take relationship. Also consumers like to know when you’re supported. Consumers like to know there’s other ways to go when they reach a dead end.   Like I stated earlier, for those brands and businesses that are having trouble competing with the major brands and competitors. Some businesses are better together than apart. Creating Partnerships and Networking to me is key in a business; doing it alone isn’t impossible but just hard and stressful. Check the video Below  &  See how Football Fanatics use the Affiliate Model :

you can also check their blog ====>

Also Check out the new TJ Maxx & Marshalls New Commercial ! Affiliate Model? A Definite Yes :



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