Social Media Is The Wrecking Ball !

So everybody is talking about Miley Cyrus new “Wrecking Ball” video . A lot of media sites been giving her backlash on the new provocative image shes been promoting . Now . . . what I was focused on wasn’t Miley swinging around naked on the wrecking ball, but simply how did I end up clicking on this new video that now has the Vevo’s new 24-hr Record with 19.3 Million hits in less than 24-hrs . I blamed it on Vevo ! I came to the conclusion Vevo’s banner promotion was the cause of corruption to my poor eyes . Lets be serious ! After the VMA’s , not many people willingly want to view anymore of Miley’s antics . However Miley’s been doing a great job of taking advantage of the fact media has been promoting her name every minute . Miley is screaming “Market Me” ! Good Publicity or Bad . . . Miley done twerked her way to Vevo’s new 24 – hr record hits list . With media outlets , and YouTube publicizing her name everywhere from a click of a button you cant help but support Miley’s new image .  I know you probably checked it out too ! Let me know , take the Poll and leave comments below :



5 thoughts on “Social Media Is The Wrecking Ball !

  1. Couldn’t agree more, Miley’s attitude (or maybe the person in charge of her pr) is “no news is bad news and any news is good news”

    What’s crazy is that even 10 days after you posted this, the song is still in the top three on itunes most downloaded…people must love it

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