Tiffany’s & Blackberry’s for the Holidays ! (Graded Post)

According to Mobile Marketer, Tiffany & Co. key demographic is high-net-worth female’s ages 28-54, with a strong interest in fashion, shopping and luxury products. These luxury products shockingly doesn’t only include the latest Tiffany’s products, but also Blackberry’s and iPhone’s. Jon Carney of Marvellous states , “We identified the iPhone in particular as not only a great way to deliver brand innovation and get that story out, but provide content and functionality that is relevant to that audience, letting them experience the Tiffany shopping experience via their smartphone,” . This shows you Tiffany’s is all about luxury, and acquisition.  It’s all about wanting the best, and getting your significant others to buy you the best. Those are the type of consumers Tiffany’s target.


Tiffany’s site optimized for Blackberry

Tiffany’s aims for new consumers all around the world, but Tiffany’s heart and home is in the city I love,  New York City. In 1837, (yeah I said 1837! )Tiffany’s was a goods store that began to attract many high-profile consumers. New York City was the birthplace, and was always apart of the legacy Tiffany’s held on to. Besides NYC being Tiffany’s heart and home,  it was also well known for its beautiful window displays on 5th ave ( a popular high-end shopping strip in NYC), and catching the eyes of consumers; especially on special holidays. Check out the videos and the link (“The Magical Windows of Tiffany’s”) below to see some more about Tiffany’s history, and view some of their awesome displays!

“The Magical Windows of Tiffany’s”


Ice Skating Rink Proposal

A type of image I would use for a Tiffany’s Ad !

Above is the type of image I would use for a Tiffany & Co. Facebook Ad . The reason I would use this Ad is because it reaches a lot of the precise interests of Tiffany & Co. target audience. Also because it seems like it’s in a New York Area which is the location where most of Tiffany’s loyal consumers are based. Besides the location this image is also appropriate for this time of year and setting. Its winter time and these are the types of moments and settings people can relate to. In Bryant Park the love of your life getting on his knees in the middle of an ice skating rink proposing to you; whats more beautiful than that? Sounds like a romance novel I know, but that’s what Tiffany’s is all about. Creating memories and stories you’ll never forget.

How will I make this Ad come to life ? 

In my exact copy the  Tiffany’s engagement ring will have to be shown more, and I would prefer if that background was little bit more city like. When I say “city like” I mean more lights, more buildings, cars and people. Also I would cut out the bottom of the picture to make it a little bit more believable since it seems she doesn’t have on ice skating shoes. I would also like the picture to be  more zoomed out so that you can see their in a ice skating rink . This way people can connect a little bit more to the Ad, and visualize the experience . I would want consumers to embrace, and feel like their experiencing this moment through this Ad. Also I would like the exact copy to have people around them taking pictures with iPhone’s and Blackberry’s; that will be the icing on the cake. That will also kill two birds in one stone by not only advertising the mobile app, but also the engagement ring.

According to the Facebook Ad Tool, I have about 42,000 people I can attract with my Ad . My ad targets people:

  • Who live in New York (+50 mi), New York, United States
  • exactly between the ages of 20 and 54 inclusive
  • Who like #Marriage, #Wife, #Spouse, #Husband, #Dating, #Wedding, #Wedding ring, #Ice skating, #Flirting, #Marriage vows, #Pre-engagement ring, #Engagement ring, #Purity ring, #Ring (jewelry), #Romance (love), #Engagement, #Love, #Happiness, #Dream, #True Love Waits or #Committed relationship
  • Who are in a relationship, married, engaged or have not specified a relationship status
  • Who are in one of the broad categories Fashion, Luxury Goods, Outdoor Fitness Activities, New Serious Relationship, RIM/Blackberry, Mobile Users (All) or Feature Phone Users

How much will all of this cost?

According to Facebook’s Ad Tool, my suggested cost per click (CPC) is 57 cents, and for cost per impression (CPM) is about $1.44 per 1,000 impressions. That’s a lot of money for advertising if you have a tight budget. It depends if you’re trying to create customer retention, or if you’re trying to create customer  lifetime value and awareness. Depending on your goal and budget it might be worth the risk. What do you guys think about my Tiffany Ad ideas . Leave your comments and take the poll below !


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