Here’s at least one way to avoid the Bridezilla Syndrome ! (Graded Post)

 1. Don’t create too much freedom and options for consumers, better yet for Brides and Grooms! Mobile websites encouraging shopping engagement for engagement rings by mobile phones is a bad idea I will never encourage. This is a set up for making a maid of honor, and a best man’s life a living nightmare! 

Tiffany’s mobile experience was alright. However, I do think it’s unnecessary for Tiffany’s to have a mobile site. At the end of me exploring Tiffany’s mobile website the first thing I thought of was would I ever purchase anything on here? or use this website? And my answer was no; simply because consumers who are looking for engagement rings and expensive jewelry wouldn’t want to make purchases over their phones. A consumer who is looking for jewelry like Tiffany’s and Zale’s want to sit down and choose the perfect ring, and see the variety rings on a big screen . I don’t blame them choosing your perfect ring for your wife or husband is big! Most of their consumers probably make purchases from their computers because it gives them more comfort that their making a smart purchase. Also when purchasing items like an engagement ring, or expensive gifts for your loved ones you want to make sure the purchase went through, and that everything is set and stone. In Tiffany’s and Zale’s industry you have to make sure consumers are having an experience that makes them feel secure. Consumers purchasing their items over mobile phones I’m sure doesn’t feel so secure, and creates a lot of second guessing; Something you want to prevent any bride, groom , or anybody in Tiffany’s target audience from doing .

However, they did have a fast upload and their mobile website wasn’t complex. They only have a few feature options as you can see below. Also when you click on the Find your engagement ring option it’s a bit confusing like I thought it would be. For example, the consult a Tiffany diamond expert didn’t work; which can be very important to brides and grooms buying the ring. This brings me back to the sensitivity of purchasing a ring from Tiffany’s. Something as simple as a click or feature that doesn’t work can make consumers second guess and purchase another brand. As in my last post “Tiffany’s and Blackberry’s for the Holidays”  I discussed how Tiffany’s is now aiming for blackberry and iphone users because research shows a lot of their target market using them . However,  If you’re trying to just view rings and get to know the brand and rings while you’re trying to decide what ring to purchase I believe that’s the job of mobile Applications not websites. Which Tiffany’s have one for free you can download for your mobile phones. For Tiffany’s, a mobile site is simple unnecessary. If you would like to explore Tiffany’s mobile website Click Here.

Tiffany’s mobile site views .

Now Zale’s doesn’t have a mobile website, and I don’t think they need one either; especially since they have so many details and specifics that need to be viewed on a computer. For example, their design your own ring feature is something that needs to be done and consumers will feel more comfortable doing over their computer. Engagement rings are very sensitive, special items. I know you guys have watched Bridezillas! There’s no need to have brides and grooms catch the Bridezilla Syndrome because their mad about ordering the wrong ring or anything in general that would create attitudes that make consumers second guess or think twice about purchasing your items. We all know consumers are never satisfied, and have high expectations before and after purchases. Sometimes giving consumers too many options can create higher expectations and make them want to look at different brands.  Zale’s normal website has so much going on as you can see in the picture below. I don’t believe they would be able to fit all the features consumers need to see on their mobile website. To me, their normal website is exactly what their consumer needs. When you purchase special items like expensive jewelry you need details and specifics. Mobile websites for brands in this industry is a set up for failure, and creating an option that can really change the views and determine if a consumer will purchase your brand. What do you guys think ? Take the poll and leave your comments below !

Zales original website .

“Adding options to people lives can’t help but increase the expectations people have about how good those options will be , and what that’s going to produce is less satisfaction with results, even if they are good results” – Barry Schwartz


2 thoughts on “Here’s at least one way to avoid the Bridezilla Syndrome ! (Graded Post)

  1. Maybe Tiffany’s have a mobile app just to break in more in social media. Though consumers may not purchase, the company knows that users are always online. And the Tiffany’s app can be useful for browsing and have somewhat of an effect as Pinterest and Instagram – looking at things that most interest you. You’re right – users have option to buy through a smartphone but probably won’t. On the other hand, it is a good way to compare products and bring customers into the store to try on them on.

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